Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund

Role: Creative Strategist 

LIFT is a multi-donor trust fund based in Myanmar under the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) that delivers assistance in the areas of:

  • agricultural commercialisation
  • climate smart agriculture
  • financial inclusion
  • business and skills development
  • targeted nutrition support for mothers and children
  • migration assistance 

The fund possesses over $500 million in funding from a consortium of donors and has delivered successful impact within the country, most notably: 

  • 2.1 million people have increased their food security by more than one month
  • 2 million have improved resilience 
  • 277,000 households increased their income from non-agricultural activities
  • 7.2 million have been reached by LIFT


The Task
Brand and market research. Coordinate marketing and creative efforts. Assist in video production and distribution. Optimize digital and website components. Technical advisements for social. 

In order to form a clear perspective we surveyed a total of 30 individuals from three groups: the audience, internal staff, and external partners. Our questions focused on the visibility of the brand and the usability of the website and resources. Through our research we found:

  • Most external partners that had been working within Myanmar had heard or worked with LIFT; while international consultants were not as familiar.
  • Partners wished they had more individual visibility within the fund. 
  • Audience members were easily confused by the acronym and found difficulty when searching online; i.e they would have better luck searching the full name.  
  • Due to the massive amount of projects, all groups voiced a need for a central repository of information. This concern was interesting since the site had already contained a searchable repository. 
  • All groups visited the site to access the annual report regularly, they expressed a want for something interactive and easy-to-navigate 

The BIG Problem

Myanmar experiences low speed in internet connection sometimes 5mb/s only. So if we revisited the site or anything on the digital side we needed to make sure it was optimized to perform for these levels. 


Below are samples from both video and web. 
*Web mockups have placeholder copy and images

lift annual.jpg